Make up and styling parties are great fun for birthdays or special occasions. We bring along all the make up and hair styling equipment and get down and creative with each of the children! If you fancy providing a different kind of surprise, then we guarantee that you'll love our parties.

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I'm here for your important day! You choose the dress and I'll come in and create a great look for you - matching your dress, personality, hair and skin type. I'll bring some lovely, hypo-allergenic makeup and hair accessories with me and we can turn you into a stunner!

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I have been working with photographers on shoots around London and the south east for many years. These shoots cover packaging, ad campaigns and promotional material. The work includes make up, clothing and hair styling the images according to the brief. 

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children's makeover parties - Lex

All about Lex

I am a trained hair stylist and make up artist and have been working in the industry for over 30 years.
My work has taken me to the BBC, to music festivals and theatre. I have been a licensed chaperone for Surrey County Council where I provided legal and social support for children working in the performing arts. I have also covered exhibitions in the hair industry and retail and corporate events on the comedy circuit, creating props and organising acts.
I love working with children at professional photographers and at parties; it's more like fun than work to me!